Strength & Healing

If you are in pain, or you have injured yourself, you are probably highly aware of problem areas. What you may not be aware of is all of the ways in which your body has compensated because of that injury, creating misalignment and imbalances that are causing or will cause you further difficulty down the road. Stephanie's work will address the areas of immediate concern, and also ensure that your posture and alignment and gait support ongoing healing and health.  

If you are not in pain, but want to improve your posture, strength, and flexibility, or are an athlete, dancer, or actor who wants to finesse your talents, you may be unaware of compensations and movement patterns you have developed over time that are not serving you well for the long term. Stephanie will find those problem areas and correct them.

The Personal Fitness Assessment takes place either online, or in one of our beautiful Bay Area Studios or at your house if you prefer. Bring a mat, wear comfortable, relatively form-fitting clothing and exercise shoes. Over the course of an hour, we will talk about your needs and goals, we will do a scan of your muscular-skeletal alignment while you are standing still, and also assess how your body moves doing simple activities. Following that, Stephanie will show you the ways your body is compensating and give you a series of exercises and movements that will help bring you back into proper alignment and better posture. Then, together, we will map out a plan of the best combination of activities to keep you on the road to better fitness and well being.

The Personal Fitness Assessment is a pre-requisite to private instruction.

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