The Pilates Ballet by Stephanie Herman



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“I love teaching anatomy through movement, learning more about how the skeletal system moves in harmony with each muscle isolation. Once you understand how your bones move you can better understand how the muscles isolate and wrap around each skeletal movement! Learning this can free you of certain injuries, enable more flexibility, better posture alignment and balance.”

Stephanie Herman

About Pilates Ballet by Stephanie Herman


Pilates Ballet by Stephanie Herman    is an evolutional series of exercise programs that empowers core strength, postural stability, and balance - and enables you to achieve your body's fullest potential for pain-free movement. These educational building blocks enhance the body's powerful balance systems and provides you with a deep understanding of your skeleton in movement in harmony with your muscle isolation.

Stephanie's method analyzes the source of misalignments and teaches your brain how to educate your body. By using motor imagery, you'll apply your knowledge to develop more muscle isolations where needed. Learning how your anatomy responds during movement takes focused concentration, but once you understand how it works, you will use your enhanced neuromuscular control to attain a balanced well-being. Pilates Ballet becomes  a healthy addiction!