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"Having Stephanie in your corner is like having your own personal wellness guardian angel."


Girl Lacing Up Her Shoes

"I'm working with Stephanie on general health and well-being through pilates and dance!  I used to dance ballet, and Stephanie helps me tap into that previous life (as Stephanie is a prima ballerina!), but she has also given me so much more than that through training. She is a beautiful mentor and role model to me." - Katherine Wu

"I’ve been practicing Pilates with Stephanie Herman once a week for the past ten months, and I have both benefited from and enjoyed my time with her. Stephanie regularly inquires about my body, injuries, and goals. She is a very good listener and plans thoughtful workouts to accommodate my limitations and help me achieve my desired outcomes. She can easily adjust the intensity of a workout to meet my needs. Stephanie is incredibly knowledgeable about the body, and she makes of point of sharing that knowledge with clients. She enjoys teaching clients how to care for their bodies, develop body-mind connections, and maximize the benefits of pilates."

- Anonymous

"I was a client of Stephanie's Pilates classes in a live studio using the Reformer. When COVID changed our world, Stephanie offered zoom Pilates classes. I really enjoy the variety and creativity of instruction that Stephanie offers. She is excellent at staying tuned to my every move, and she gives a constant stream of instructions that are detailed and clear, helping me work even the most difficult muscles."



- Donna Howe

I have been taking her lessons in Palo Alto for a few months now and I am really starting to gain my strength and energy back, which also helps my allergies by boosting my immune system.

I personally like her style because it's fun, graceful, and beneficial at the same time.  I feel like I finally found something that I, even as a quitter, could stick to, and actually feel that I want to continue doing and become better at.

- Anonymous

I am quite amazed by Stephanie’s ability to evaluate my posture and pinpoint where the exact imbalances are occurring. Stephanie’s method includes techniques to activate neuromuscular pathways in very specific areas which then allow my brain to associate which muscles need to work and when to get the result that I want.  It is quite interesting as well, how sometimes minute adjustments can make a massive difference in posture and balance. I can not say enough good things about Stephanie and her Pilates methods - I plan to continue on with her for the foreseeable future.

- Diane Allison

After a few weeks of careful evaluation and gentle activation of muscles throughout the body, Ms. Herman is able to identify hidden muscle compensation patterns, weaknesses, imbalances, and atrophies, narrowing down to precise areas of focus. By focusing on these specific imbalances, the strength of one's overall body is improved, and its mechanical functioning becomes healthier with increased endurance. Although problems with two ares of the body might at firm seem unrelated, for instance a hip and a shoulder, Ms. Herman uncovers the underlying pattern that connects the two. This revelation not only acts as a blueprint to fix already existing problems, but also helps prevent any future injurites that might have come of such compensation patterns if left unaddressed. Formerly a professional ballet dancer, Ms. Herman also incorporates the artistic side and dance-like potential of Pilates for those interest in exploring that aspect. With an intuitive balance between the specific and general, artistic and technical, Ms. Herman offers a well-rounded approach to Pilates.

I have had joint and alignment issues most of my adult life due to chronic autoimmune and cardiovascular disease. Stephanie is a therapeutic master who holistically looks at my body and works with me to firstly, get out of pain and secondly to get aligned so I can balance and move more freely.  One feels safe and respected in her hands and blessed to be in her care. 

- Miki Goodwin

"Stephanie's workouts are focused and simple yet, very effective in targeting the proper muscles, especially the deep core muscles that assist with every movement you do in life. Her sessions are appropriate for anyone, whether you are a fit dancer like me or a super beginner. She meets you where you are at, and builds your strength from there, so you are always achieving."

- Karen Goldstein


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