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Get Stretch-eze®, the ultimate full-body fitness band!


Improve your posture, stabilize your body, strengthen intrinsic core muscles and improve your form during Pilates and Ballet exercises utilizing the stabilizing Stretch-eze® full body band to help elongate your body and offer resistance to help locate those hard to find muscles. 


Stretch-eze spandex fabric circles come in 3 sizes: Small, Medium, and Large


See Stephanie's class using the Stretch-eze® bands on this video!

Stretch-eze® Band

SKU: 12345678
  • Small, 4ft 8 in. - 5ft 2 in.

    Medium, 5ft 3 in. - 5ft 6 in.

    Large, 5ft 7 in. - 6ft 1 in.

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