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As a 2nd generation Pilates disciple of Joseph Pilates and a world renowned Principal Ballerina, Stephanie brings almost 50 years of experience to heal her clients.  


Pilates Ballet by Stephanie Herman  offers a Wellness Program & several Maintenance Programs focusing on retraining the mind and body, helping to re-educate a new awareness and application of proper skeletal movement in harmony with muscle isolation.

Pilates Ballet by Stephanie Herman Wellness Program



Virtual Diagnostic Analysis

An initial analytical diagnosis of minor or major misalignments that are within the body are a crucial factor in discovering successful solutions for caring holistic healing. Discovering poor compensation patterns that are the cause of injury and pain.


Basic 10 Step Program

Stephanie's continuing caring work focuses on finessing and developing your whole body's fullest potential in balance, strength, and integration of mind, body, and soul through movement. In this step we begin to build neuro-muscular stimulation with an education on the skeletal system in harmony with specific muscle isolation


Intermediate 10 Step Program

After your Basic 10 Step Program, you are now more educated about applying your knowledge into your body. This program starts to build more muscle fibers into each needed muscle group helping to activate your fullest potential. You will start to learn about bone rhythms, your anatomy through movement and . technical terms of the body.

(This program can be offered through private sessions, duets, trios, or groups of 4)


Hear What Others Have to Say

"Stephanie's sessions are appropriate for anyone, whether you are a fit dancer like me or a super beginner. She meets you where you are at, and builds your strength from there, so you are always achieving."

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